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Composition of fish feed formula

Release Lime: 2016-12-07 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
There are two kinds of aquatic animals and aquatic plants in the feed of the ornamental fish, the feed is relatively simple, but the artificial diet can be formulated. Animal feeds are commonly used in ash water, rotifers, fleas, worms and other types of feed.
1. Ash water, also known as water, Daphnia egg yolk.they are some protozoan of plankton. such as Paramecium, tail worms, caterpillars, sun, Vorticella Epistylis, difflugia, shell and other insects. This kind of plankton in the spring and summer season floating in the river water, yellow or gray. To use the network to make up muslin.
2. Rotifer. Bubble rotifers, turbine worm, filinia longiseta, comb hair wart rotifers rotifers, moire, gray water, can also be used to feed the fish. But after fishing for only 4 to 5 hours, should be quickly fed off.Composition of fish feed formula
3. Flea. The animal is arthropods Copepoda and Cladocera, larger, stronger vitality, goldfish, tropical fish is the best feed. There are large insects, spiders, Daphnia Daphnia pulex, Daphnia longispina, real sword flea etc.. After capture can house up to 1 ~ 2 days. Often referred to as yuchong.
4. Earthworm
There are earthworms in the red earthworm, also known as Eisenia foetida, pig or cow dung and straw fermentation forage in earthworm artificial cultivation. Water earthworms, also known as gill worms, live in rivers and lakes sludge. After repeated cleaning should catch earthworms, generally at low temperature can be kept for a week or so.
5. Red nematode. Also known as blood red, color is red, living in the upper North sludge, see dense together. At low temperature can be kept for about half a month.
6. Maggot. The fly larvae, can breed, but before pupation would feed off excess drying standby.
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