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The manufacturing process of roasting sunflower seeds

Release Lime: 2016-12-08 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
The manufacturing process of roasting sunflower seedsSunflower seeds is a snack which is indispensable in people's life, Sunflower seeds can be used not only as a snack, but also can be used as raw material for making cakes. The sunflower seed is the seed of the plant, containing large amounts of oil, the sunflower is an important oil raw material. Sunflower oil in recent years by the world respected high-end nutrition healthy fats.
In the workshop, people often put the material in the pot, then stir fried, the taste of spices are all in sunflower skin. So, you can try this way: put the seeds in the hands, with a twist, you can see a lot of residue on the hand, this is some seasoning. And there are some sunflower seeds, first of all from the appearance, the color is bright, its production process is the use of an immersion method, all the materials are put together, and then put the seeds inside, after soaking well, all taste into the melon seeds inside, and then drying, it can be said taste all in one.
Professional processing plants generally use a fully enclosed production process,that is Sunflower Seed Production Line, From the sunflower raw materials into the production line, to finished off the assembly line, the whole process will not have a hand touch, to ensure food hygiene. Sunflower Seed Production Line including Cleaning Machine, Seasoning Machine, Feeder Machine, Roasting Machine, Cooling Machine. The Processing is Cleaning the sunflower seed -Roasting the seed -Salt seasoning –Cooling.
Cleaning: to further achieve the cleaning of melon seeds, to achieve the steps of food hygiene labeling.
Roasting: Wok temperature control in 200 to 220 DEG C. About 100min or so, the surface color of seeds showing gray, internal white color, crisp, the seeds of suitable moisture.
Salt seasoning: It is an important links in the production of cooking seeds. Add sunflower seeds, salt, seasoning into seasoning machine successively. The machine will mix the material up.
Cooling: The seeds should be quickly cooled to room temperature. When fried melon seeds should be easy to use.