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Selection criteria of cats food

Release Lime: 2016-12-20 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
Selection criteria of cats foodWe often heard that the cat food bought from supermarket is actually junk food, this statement is not just used to deceive you to buy more expensive brand. Like human food, different brands of cat food are made with different standards. Although most of the cheap cat food sold in the supermarket nutrition will not be insufficient, it will not have any adverse effects on your cat, but in fact is not the best choice. We found that cats always eat the cat food we bought from supermarket a lot , probably because their bodies know to "quantity" to make up for "quality" deficiencies. If your economy is well-off, it is usually better to buy a brand at a pet store. We first recommend NutraPro, then Hill's. There are two new brands on the market, Innova and Wellness, the more nutritious these two brands, it is worth our recommendation. They are using human nutrition necessary nutrients for the grade, many pet stores will give you sample of cat food, you can take home to feed your cat, make sure they whether like it or not, the decide to buy or not. You will find that the cat's appetite becomes smaller and the amount of bowel movement decreases.
The kitten who is less than six months old will give it to eat kittens food, but if you have a cat, it is not easy to do. If the kitthen must eat cat food, it doesn't matter what, but it will eat a little, with adequate intake of nutrients, if it is active, the excess nutrients will be consumed. If there is older or not moving cat, you need to feed lighter (pack superscript: Lite or light) cat food; pregnant or nursing mother cat must eat cat food for young cats.
Longer’s Pet Food Making Production Line is uses foodstuff, meat powder, fishmeal, and beans etc. as raw materials to produce pet food and fish and bird feed with new shape, unique taste, rich nutrition and exquisite structure. The products are cooked and sterilized with high degree and high pressure of the extruder, so it is easy to be absorbed and popular to the pet market.