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Keep your dog far away from methylxanthine

Release Lime: 2016-12-19 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
A lot of people who raise dogs has heard that dogs can not eat chocolate. But what exactly is this? In the United States, there is a popular saying: small pet dogs can not eat chocolate, or there will be the risk of death, even if only eat a little.
Keep your dog far away from methylxanthineChocolate is cocoa beans processing, contains a variety of derivatives of methylxanthines, Caffeine and cocoa are these substances. These substances can be combined with certain receptors on the cell surface to prevent the binding of natural substances to receptors in the animal body. The dog will be vomiting, diarrhea when taking class of small doses of methylxanthine substances  , but humans will be a feeling of euphoria. Chocolate contains a large amount of cocoa and a small amount of caffeine, If dogs eat too much chocolate, their muscle may cramps, and even may shock. Taking the obromine and caffeine, the dog's heart rate will be more than doubled to two times than the normal. Some may run around enough, like drinking a cup of coffee.
The specific amount of small amount of chocolate that dog can digest depends on the size and type of chocolate consumption. the amount of methylxanthine of unsweetened baking chocolate is more than 6 times the cream of chocolate. According to experts say, for some small dogs, 4 ounces chocolate cream may be a fatal dose.
So don’t feed your dog chocolate, The dog food produced by Gelgoog’s Pet Feed Production Line designed by pet nutrition professional pet nutrition guide.
The introduction of machine:
1. Pet and animal food production line uses foodstuff, meat powder, fish meal, and beans etc.
2. As raw material to produce pet food and fish and bird feed with new shape, unique taste, rich nutrition and exquisite structure. The various shape and taste must meet the different requirements of the pet food.
3. This line consists of raw material mixer, double-screw extruder, conveyor, dryer and flavoring machine.
4.On the basis of the extrusion line, add the cutting machine and core-filler machine, can still produce core filled pillows for the dogs, and cats.
5. This High Quality Pet Food Processing Equipment can produce many shapes of dog food by changing the moulds.we provide different profressional dog food formula.our machine is easy to operate.
6.Pet food has novel shape, distinctive taste, abundant nutrition, easy to digest and other features, which is closer to the human beings food.