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Best wood crusher for sale

Release Lime: 2017-02-15 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
Sawdust Wood Crusher  is used to crush the wood, branches and bamboo etc into Sawdust or shavings.
Best wood crusher for sale  
1. Application of wood crushing machine:
Sawdust machine also named wood crushing machine and wood crusher, it can crush wood logs,wood block and wood waste into sawdust and granular with different fineness.
2. Characteristics of wood crushing machine:
This type of sawdust machine made by us is energy-saving type and easy to operate. It is designed and developed according to industrial requirements. It belongs to wood crushing and pulverizing machine. It is finely processed, high efficiency and environmental protection type. It is optional for electricity and diesel so it can meet buyers’ different requirements.
3. Working principle of wood crushing machine:
It uses blades to cutting and high speed airflow to reduce the wood into sawdust and granular with different fineness. While the blades inside are cutting with a high rotating speed, the rotor generates strong airflow which rotates st the same direction as rotor. As the blades rotate and cut, the airflow crushes the material at the same time. In this way, the speed of sawdust ouput can be increased.