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Wooden Tongue Depressant Machine Supplier

Release Lime: 2017-03-17 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
Our wooden tongue depressant machine uses double track, improve production and performance, increase safety, bulk material automatically feeding, without manual feeding, just the bulk material can be poured into the silo, the machine can drive the automatic feeding material, material The length of the road can be customized, lengthened can flap, the operator can pick up the ice cream bar after picking, simply pick out the unqualified product, installed in the end of the dust collection device, the ice cream stick for vacuum, Eliminate the product dust, the last end of the double track automatic row, the staff can directly hit the ice cream stick packing box, easy to use, will double the yield.
wooden tongue depressant for children is particular to a tongue-specific tongue, comprising a handle and a pressing plate for pressing the inside of the oral cavity, wherein the pressing plate is fixed at one end of the handle, The inner contact plate is circular or oval, and the utility model increases the pressing contact area of the pressing plate and the oral cavity, and can reduce the discomfort of the tip pressing.

wooden tongue depressant machine for children