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How to Start Mop Stick Business ?

Release Lime: 2017-04-11 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
How to start a mop stick business ? mop stick business is so popularity  that many person want start mop stick business. but how ? there will  show you some condotion you need to prepare before starting the mop stick business.

1 Available (mop raw material and wood)
2: Mop stick making machine
3 Have a car (truck delivery)
4 Artificial (processing and sales of people who sell 3 or so)
5 Customers have regional customers can want your goods business
6 Price advantage only price advantage to find customers

As for the open market can start from the price and brand, but also with some businesses to do activities.

About the mop to tie the machine, we have this mop to help the production machine with automatic, automatic return to the two functions, in the processing of traditional round bar (mop) at the same time, but also increased the production of wood pole function.

This device can also be used for shovels, hoes, daily mop and workers in the production of wood tools, as well as furniture decoration, decoration used in round wood.