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Automatic Almond Shelling Machine For Sale

Release Lime: 2017-11-17 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
Automatic almond shelling machine is mainly used for palm shell, apricot, walnut, shell separation. This machine uses the different proportion of the shell and kernel characteristics, with the air through the particle gap to achieve the separation effect of shell kernels. Kernel and shell separation effect is good, the gap is small, poor separation efficiency. The general separation rate of 90-95%. It is very easy to operate it, just need to input the nut, and after the machine will come out shells and kernels respectively.

We could arrange shippment by sea, by air, by express.
If by express, could directly to your home. shipping time:3-5days
If by air, could ship to your destination airport,shipping time:5-7days
If by sea, could ship to your nearest seaport, shipping time is different based on your port details.

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