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Round Bamboo Sticks Making Machine

Release Lime: 2016-06-28 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
bamboo sticks machine
Barbecue is probably mankind's most primitive way of cooking and heating fuel is dry air, and the food is placed in a hot dry air close to the heat source in a position to heat food. In general, the barbecue is in the fire will be food (mostly meat) cooked to edible, so Taiwan also call this barbecue; modern society, because there are a variety of ways with fire, grill mode has gradually diversified development the kinds of barbecue pits, BBQ, barbecue sauce like. Barbecue itself has become a gathering of more than casual entertainment or business. In modern society alone barbecue is almost rare, whether in Asia, the Americas and Europe, usually small barbecue to the family, to a large school group activities.
Barbecue in addition to the delicious food, but also a barbecue bamboo. Rise barbecue grill also led to the development of bamboo. Barbecue with bamboo commonly used are 15cm, 20cm, 25cm, 35cm these types of specifications, the longest of which is basically 35cm, but generally have little use for such a long barbecue sign, the most common is 20cm and 25cm these two specifications, which is generally on the grill or in the stalls most commonly seen in the specifications. How to make bamboo barbecue sticks? LONGER Machinery offers bamboo barbecue sticks making machine.
1, The automatic send sticks, Free gates fragrant foot, one operation, forming a half-way do not stop feeding.
2, Energy: saving (there is only work bamboo stick through the motor), tailings less (fewer tailings, the more you can avoid repeated use of tailings bring power consumption, time-consuming human consumption).
3, High efficiency: now mechanically send sticks, bid farewell to the pneumatic, efficient, simple, durable, wear bamboo root 130-160 per minute, less bamboo card, do 8 hours a day by the incense, can be worn sign 45,000 -55 000 bamboo root.
4, Made of high quality spices: fragrant body is smooth, fragrant incense head and feet flat.
5,The device performance: Equipment modeling chic, compact, transport and use of the relocation process is flexible and convenient, without the need to install, you can use later, mature technology, most of the parts using imported materials, difficult to damage, durable.
6, Comfortable working environment, environmental protection, health, and greatly reduce the labor intensity, the machine is simple, easy to use, ordinary workers can quickly grasp and easy job