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Carrot Purifying Machine

Release Lime: 2016-10-18 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
carrot cleaning machine

LONGER Machinery offers this multi-purpose cleaning machine for washing and peeling vegetables and fruits, like potato, carrot, cassava, peanut, ginger, apple, peach, etc.
Carrot Purifying Machine is with large effective volume,high efficiency,water saving, which is suitable for the continuous cleaning operations,easy operating,long service life.The brush roller with special craft processing,durable in use, stainless steel macterial, beautiful appearance and resistance.

How to use this carrot pufifying machine?
1,Starting the machine,please note the correct direction of running,and open the water valve and add the materials.
2,In order to ensure the quality of cleaning,please washing the material one and after barrel
3,Please ensure there is no hard material during washing in order to protect the brush roller from any damages.
4,According to different materials and different qialities to confirm the washing quantity and washing time
5,Link chain,bearing should add lubricating oil regularly.