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Cashew Deshelling Equipment Available

Release Lime: 2017-10-10 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
This automatic cashew shelling machine is mainly used for shelling the cashew, separating the cashew nut kernels from the outer shell. It can be used in food processing Industry or the pretreatment of oil production plants.

The main material of this cashew deshelling machine : carbon steel, the part contact segment of food is stainless steel.It can also be made from stainless steel according to the requirements of clients.

1. The cashew are manually fed one by one into the feed chute between the left and the right side of the shelling blades, and then pushed down by the push-type blades in motion up and down so as to complete the shelling work.  
2. The proficiency of the workers contributes to the efficiency.
3. The cashew will be divided into 3~5 level according to the width, then begin to shell by this cashew nut shelling machine.

automatic cashew nut deshelling machine available