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The Great Prospect of Corn Straw Pellet Machine

Release Lime: 2016-12-22 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
Invest in a corn stalk pellet machine to make money?  How about the prospect of straw pellet machine?  Energy saving, environmental protection, emission reduction has been made to ecological and environmental protection policy, the new straw pellet machine for clean energy development of some small and medium-sized enterprises, to make a "field" of domestic energy saving and emission reduction, corn straw pellets can be rural waste straw, wheat straw and other wood, crushed, pressed into pellets combustion, can replace coal, oil, electricity, natural gas and other new energy for life and industries.

Corn Straw Pellet Machine
Straw pellets is a new type of biomass combustion, the environmental pollution is small, is a renewable clean energy, reduce haze, protect the earth's environment, has a huge development potential.

China is a large agricultural country, every year a large number of crops such as corn stalks, if the comprehensive utilization of waste straw resources, rational use of science will have great economic value. For example, city greening trimming down the trees, weeds, rural corn straw, wheat straw and so on all of these can be recycled, waste in city garbage such as these waste resources can be recycled, and become the new energy fuel. At present, the domestic natural gas energy is decreasing, but people's lives can not be separated from energy, to live more and more beautiful, society can be a healthy development, we only develop new energy, is the best way out.

Corn straw pellet machine pressed out of the bio particle fuel, is a modern clean fuel, suitable for urban fuel boiler equipment, can replace coal, can be used for power plants, etc.. Straw pellet of high value, low ash content, flammable, less pollution, more saving fuel, reducing the use cost of straw particles, forming small size, burning resistance, high density, convenient storage and transportation. With the continuous development of society, small and medium enterprises only to keep up with the pace of the times in order to better survive. All in all, the prospects of straw particles oh great.