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Development and Problem Solving of Feed Pellet Machine

Release Lime: 2016-12-13 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
In recent years, China's small pellet mill prices and aquatic feed industry a stride forward singing militant songs, is the direct cause of the domestic aquaculture industry continued high growth. Currently, China's total water production accounts for about 35% of the global total, of which aquaculture production accounts for 3 / 2 of global aquaculture production, has been the highest in the world for thirteen consecutive years

feed pellet making machine

The development of feed pellet machine and the solution of related problems
In recent years, as consumer demand and farming structure change, China's feed product structure has changed greatly, the price of small machine feed particles make aquatic feed production in China with an annual growth rate of 17%, far higher than the average growth rate of 8%. The feed of aquatic feed industry has become the biggest bright spot in the development of feed industry.

There may be a lot of problems in the debugging of the feed pellet machine, and there will be different solutions to different problems. In order to allow users to easily cope with the process of debugging, here we give you a list of problems that may arise in the commissioning and solutions, hoping to help you.

1, particles with axial cracks or radial cracks, and the pulverization rate is higher, yield is low, the cause of this phenomenon is not up to temperature, material aging degree is poor, should improve the conditioning temperature, increase the amount of steam conditioning.
2, particles of different lengths, should adjust the cutting distance or adjust the material scraping position deflection;
3, the particle surface is smooth, but the hardness is too high, it may be relatively large ring mode compression, the compression ratio should be reduced;
4, the particle surface is not smooth, and the powder rate is high, it may be relatively small ring mode compression, the compression hole should be increased;
5, grain moisture rate, the production yield is low, and often machine blocking phenomenon, may be the valve can play the effect of decompression or trap can not play the hydrophobic effect, should adjust the valve into the steam pressure regulator for 0.1 0.4MPa, and the trap can play the role of hydrophobic. Can also increase the temperature, because the temperature increase is conducive to the material aging degree increasing, the general temperature rise every 11 degrees moisture of material is increased by about 1%;
6, two motor current deviation of the position should be adjusted two motor belt tension, the tension as much as possible.