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Do You Know The Flat Die Wood Pellet Machine?

Release Lime: 2016-11-29 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
Wood pellet,do you know?Today, we are advocating environmental protection,and the road of sustainable development is still in progress.Recycling is what we insist on,so that for some waste materials, we also should not be ignored,should be used.Such as sawdust, though sawdust at these no value, in fact it is useful. For a while we are going to talk about the flat die wood pellet machine,which can use these materials completely,and play its role as much as possible.
Flat-die wood pellet machine

Features of flat die wood pellet machine

1.The flat die pellet machine is small and lightweight, which makes small-scale production possible.
2.The flat die pellet machine is more easier to clean and maintain.
3.Flat die pellet machine is more simple in structure than Ring die pellet machine,so it is able to change die and roller faster for more time to produce pellets. 
4.The pressure is larger and adjustable. So it can make more types of pellet. Such as sawdust, rice husk, straw, cottonseed husk, weeds and all kinds of crop straw and plant waste.

Advantage of flat die wood pellet machine
1.Adopt cold press molding process,polishing integer process, beautiful appearance and compact structure. 
2.High output, low energy consumption, low noise, low failure, durable granular machine can be continuous production.
3.Adopt advanced shaft driving device, the key components are used high quality alloy steel with wear-resisting materials added. Adopt German vacuum furnace heat treatment which will keep its lifetime 5-7 times than the common pellet machines.

Our company will continue to work hard to develop more practical machines for customers.