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How Does A Sunflower Seed Dehuller Work?

Release Lime: 2018-07-20 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
How does a sunflower seed dehuller work?
The sunflower seed  shelling machine is perfect for processing sunflower seeds, which can be operated automatically. But do you know how does a sunflower see dehuller work? Now let me have a brief introduction to you!
sunflower seed shelling machine
The machine includes Input hopper, linear cleaner, bucket elevator, dehullers, combined separator, separator, materials-returning system, kernels collector and electric control cabinet.
Sunflower seed shelling machine can clean, remove shells, move shells, separate and so on. Unshelled seeds will be returned to the sheller and automatically re-hulled again, greatly improving the degree of automation.Here are the details.
1.Put the material into the feeding hopper
Multi-purpose cleaner can break down all kinds of impurities, including big impurities, impurity, light impurities and debris; the size and weight of the similar characteristics, such as stone, glass, shriveled seeds and hair, etc.
The sunflower seed dehuller machine can remove the shell of the sunflower seed efficiently and quickly.
After shelling, the machine need to separate the shell and kernel.Perforated sieve plate of this sunflower see dehulling machine makes it easier to separate seed kernels, which is made by high quality cold-rolled stamping process and is durable. And by adjusting the screen angle, it can achieve ideal separation effect.
The design of the recirculating material pneumatic device allows the unhulled sunflower seeds to automatically flow back to the sheller, making the shelling operation more efficient.

What are the advantages of this sunflower deed sheller?
1.This kind of sunflower seed sheller adopts unique double dehulll sheller and frequency conversion control.
2. The unique wind regrinding system greatly increases the shelling rate by re-shelling sunflower seeds with shells in the second shell ring.
3. This sunflower seed shelling machine has high peeling rate and low damage rate. And this machine is easy to operate and clean.
4. Sunflower seed sheller is an ideal equipment for food processing industry with high efficiency and low energy consumption.

Above steps are all steps to deal with the sunflower seed.After these steps, sunflower seed without shell can be processed into all kinds of food for customer to enjoy! Contact us freely if you need price. [email protected]