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Ice Cream Sticks Process Machine Line Flow Chat

Release Lime: 2017-11-06 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
 Ice Cream Sticks Process Machine Line Flow Chat:
Saw wood to required length------rotary cut------ cut the wood board into certain size wood chips------stove and polish------select------chamfer------brand------bundle or pack
 Ice Cream Sticks/tongue depressor  Machine is composed of several machines which is used for producing ice cream sticks from raw material to finished tongue depressor/ice cream sticks.
The ice cream stick machines are listed below:
1)Double Segment Rotary Cutting Machine
2)Tri-Carved Cutting Machine
3)Tongue Depressor Stoving and Polishing Machine
4)Tongue Depressor Selecting Machine
5)Tongue Depressor Chamfering Machine
6)Tongue Depressor Branding Machine
7)Tongue Depressor Bundling Machine
8)Tongue Depressor Packing Machine

The whole ice cream stick making machine line also can make tongue depressor machine. If you have any problem you can email freely,or leave inquiry on our website.