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Automatic Melon Seeds Shelling Machine With Best Price

Release Lime: 2018-01-06 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
The melon seeds shelling machine is used for classification of pine nut shell and kernel, and then separated. With a pine will automatically return the machine for two shelling.
2. of the whole equipment by grading equipment and grading equipment of two parts, is mainly composed of a feed hopper, peeling machine, bucket elevator, two part of the main screen separation section and an electric control cabinet.

Provide the following processing melon seeds shelling equipment
1. wheat huller, corn sheller, bean thresher, mung bean thresher, red bean sheller, bean sheller, bean sheller etc..
2. sunflower seed sheller, pumpkin seeds peeling machine, peeling machine, seed sheller, peanut sheller etc.
Buckwheat shucker, oat huller, pumpkin seed peeling machine, coffee bean sheller etc..
The equipment can be cleaned, shelled, shelled, separated, and then separated.
The ejection of seeds after by the material return system will automatically return to the peeling machine to automatically retract, greatly improve the degree of automation
With the broken rate is small, the products are completely separated, the seeds of automatic feeding, convenient operation and maintenance etc.. One of the best sunflower seed equipment in the world is recognized.
automatic seeds shelling machine with best price
Pre sale service
* before sending the machine, we will test and adjust,
So you can directly use, when you get it.
* the operation video and instruction will be sent to the customer,
To help them make better use of the machine.
* provide professional and good service.
* provide high quality machines at the best price.
* customize the machine according to the special requirements of the customer.
* visit our factory.

After-sale service
* all the products purchased by our company guarantee a one year warranty. If a quality problem occurs during the warranty period, our company will repair it free of charge.
* in addition, our company provides technical support and life-long accessories.
* after sale service is not limited by time, we will solve your problem in time. If you have some problems when you are using our products, please contact us at any time.