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Automatic Peanut Coating Machine Manufacturer in China

Release Lime: 2017-11-27 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
We are peanut coating machine manufacturer in china.Our automatic peanut coating machine with an electric blower equipped.The air tube in the pot can blow hot air or cold air into different processing stages.The heating is adjustable.It can be used in diamond shape, square shape or other shapes of the coating of sugar coating and peanut chocolate coating.
The peanut coating machine consists of roller, rack, transmission system and heating system.The machine shape is more suitable for the coating of non-circular or high viscosity materials.The motor is used in conjunction with the reducer to reduce the processing speed to easy operation condition.The heating system consists of direct heating and hot air heating.You can use them separately according to different requirements.

automatic peanut coating machine manufacturer