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Provide Hemp Seeds Dehulling Machine Line

Release Lime: 2017-11-30 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
This hemp seed dehulling machine  line has a special air circulation system that helps shellless seeds reenter the next shelling machine, saving manpower and time and greatly improving the shelling efficiency.The hemp seed-hulling dehulling line has a high rate of artillery, crushing less, high degree of automation, easy operation and maintenance and so on.

automatic hemp seeds dehulling machine lineDepending on the frequency or water content of the hempseed, adjusting the frequency of different technology has reached the shelling effect. Another key technology is the high oil content of hemp seed oil, which is easy to stick to the inner wall of the shelling machine after the shelling mixture within the shelling, and we have designed a ready-to-clean opening. We use the vibration separator for grain separation, reducing the proportion of kernels in the second round of shelling kernels, so the grain crushing rate is also reduced accordingly. The equipment is simple, high degree of automation, safe, reliable, elegant appearance. Long lasting and wide range of applications.

The Hermione dehumidification line consists of 9 machines: Hopper, material winch, multifunction impurity remover, bucket elevator, shell machine (2 sets), separator (3 sets), wind recovery material system, Kernel Containers and Controller Cabinets.

Hemp seed hulling machine workflow:
The removal of material impurities in the foodstuff material removes the peeled seed from the peeled seeds and the kernels. The unused peeled seeds are checked for the recovery of the grain, and then the shell kernels are stripped, again pure hemp kernels.