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Wooden Toothpick Processing Machine for sell

Release Lime: 2017-02-08 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
The wooden toothpick processing machine used for making toothpick from wood.

Technical process: the original bamboo - take the material sawing - cut bamboo - set wide section of the opening film - bamboo molding - bleaching - drying - length sawing - grinding - cutting acupuncture Flowers - finishing - packaging

The toothpick with diameter 2.2mm and the length 65mm.The capacity is 500000 pcs/8 hours.We also match the machine according to clients need.
We provide Bamboo Toothpick Processing Machine and Wooden Toothpick Processing Machine at the same time to maximize meet customers needs.

If you need the wooden toothpick processing machine, you can leave the message in our website. we also have ice cream wooden stick machine,round wooden chopsticks making machine.

wooden toothpick processing machine