Animal Feed Pellet Filling Packaging Machine

MOQ:1 Set/Sets
Brand:Longer Machinery
Warranty Time:12 Months
Supply AbilitySupply Ability:100
PortPort:Qingdao Port|Tianjin Port

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Product Details

Features of :

This pellet filling machine is with high precision digital sensor allows accurate measurement can be achieved instantly.
This machine is with microcomputer control system, advanced technology is simple to operate, more reliable.
The speed vibration feeder, automatic error correction, high precision packaging.The four scale work alternately, packing material contact parts made of stainless steel, corrosion dust easy to clean.compatibility, ease of use and other packaging equipment with,Feeder will self adjust the proportion of material in the work which, in order to achieve higher accuracy, faster.Independent single weight sensor: more stable and higher sensitivity. To break the current domestic traditional instrument control system.can set the time automatically remembers the current packaging frequency shift, easily passing the transfer and timely feedback the current pass rate.
Chinese user interface, with action time can be set, the operation more intuitive.with a calibration procedure: with calibration weights and hooks, can be calibrated at any time convenient for a long time without the weight drift particularly useful.

Technical Data of :

Model LG-2 LG-A LG-B
Voltage 220v 220v 220v/50hz
Power 0.05kw 0.05kw 0.1kw
Packing Speed 10-25bag/min 7-20bag/min 10-30bag/min
Weight 20kg 44kg 57.5kg
Dimension(mm) 450*350*700 410*510*1420 500*580*1300
Bucket Size H:30CM*L:30CM H:40CM*L:40CM H:40cm*L:40cm
Packing weight 2-99.9g 20-500g 100-1000g
Accuracy 0-0.2g 0-0.2g 0-2g
Note:The packing weight can be customized.the machine do not have the function of sealing.

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