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Wooden Pencil Production Line

MOQ: 1 /Sets
Certification: CE
Supply Ability: 100 Set/Sets Per Month
Warranty Time: 12 Months
LOADING PORT: Qingdao Port
Country Of Origin: China
  • Side Sawing Machine
  • Groove Planning Machine
  • Core Glue Machine
  • Board Binding Machine
  • Pole Machine
  • Horizontal Polishing Machine
  • Double-belt Lacquer Machine
  • Printing Machine
  • Double Side Acknowledging Printing Machine
  • Cutting Polishing Machine
  • Tip Polishing Machine
  • Saw Cutting Machine
Wooden Pencil Production Line is widely used to make wooden pencils.
1. With high advanced technology.
2. The full automatic line has high efficiency and good stability.
3. Totally automatic
4. Use less workers

Technical Data
1, Side Sawing Machine Capacity: 210pcs/minute
Power: 3.3KW
Weight: 350KG
2, Groove Planning Machine Capacity: 80 pcs/minute
Power: 5.5 KW
Weight: 920 KG
Dimension: 1540*800*1200mm
3, Core Glue Machine Capacity:40 pcs/minute
Power:1.1 KW
Weight:600 KG
4, Board Binding Machine Fixture quantity 80
Power 2.2 KW
Weight 4500 KG
Dimension 4675*1600*2600mm
5, Pole Machine Capacity 42pcs/minute
Power 6.2 KW
Weight 1750 KG
Dimension 1660*1275*1535mm
6, Horizontal Polishing Machine
Capacity 350pcs/minute
Power 1.87 KW
Weight 900 KG
Dimension 2000*700*1800mm
7, Double-belt Lacquer Machine Capacity 640pcs/minute
Power 1.85 KW
Weight 1600 KG
Dimension 1235*1700*1380mm
8, Printing Machine
Capacity 200pcs/minute
Power 2.625 KW
Weight 600 KG
Dimension 1350*685*1405mm
9,Double Side Acknowledging Printing Machine Capacity 80pcs/minute
Power 2.1 KW
Weight 400 KG
Dimension 1625*830*1340mm
10, Cutting Polishing Machine Capacity 432pcs/minute
Power 1.1 KW
Weight 850 KG
Dimension 1085*1200*1340mm
11, Tip Polishing Machine Capacity 250pcs/minute
Power 1.675 KW
Weight 600 KG
Dimension 1160*910*1330 mm
12, Saw Cutting Machine Capacity 436pcs/minute
Power 0.74 KW
Weight 300 KG
Dimension 1180*650*1400 mm
13, Single Rubber Tip Machine Capacity 60pcs/minute
Power 1.1 KW
Weight 900 KG
Dimension 1958*854*1538 mm
14, Double Pieces Lacquer Machine Capacity 140pcs/minute
Power 0.75KW
Weight 900 KG
Dimension 1244*1380*1250 mm
15, Insert Pencil Machine Capacity 0-8pcs/minute
Power 1.1 KW
Weight 250 KG
Dimension 970*490*1120 mm
16, Tip Immersing Machine
Capacity 4 pcs/minute
Power 0.75 KW
Weight 300 KG
Dimension 1800*690*1320 mm


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