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Poultry Feed Machine Sold in Bangladesh


Two sets of Poultry Feed Machine Sold in Bangladesh last week. Customer from Bangladesh visited our company on Nov. 17 for talking about this high quality poultry feed mill. We enjoy cooperating with each other and signed contract at the same time.

Poultry Feed Pellet Machine/Pellet Forming Machine/Pellet Machine/Cat Fish Pellet Equipment
Novel appearance reasonable structure energy conservation environmental protection precision and efficiency.
Grains adopt mould and frequency conversion control double, large particles or small particles can be production meet the requirements of pet dog dog owners.
1.Shape of dog food: Can produce various shapes by changing the grinding tool
2.Quantity guarantee period:1 year (20 kinds of formula for free).
3.Can be export to any countries and regionsaccordong to the local voltage and frequency tailored for the user.
4.We can provide different type for you according to your demand.

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