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Wood Pellet is More Economical and Practical Fuels

As the weather turns cool, every family is facing the problem of heating, especially now natural gas, fuel oil and electricity prices rose, more and more people are shifting their attention to the renewable wood and wood particles. Today we compare the advantages and disadvantages of these two fuels.  

wood pellet

Wood pellet:
Wood pellet consists of sawdust,wood shaving,forestry waste or agricultural waste.The raw materials need to be dried and then crushed. In the high temperature and pressure conditions, the roller and the mould are compressed, and the compacted and uniform fuel particles are formed. After drying and high pressure, the combustion value of the material is increased. The moisture content of wood pellets is from 5% to 10%.


It is a kind of natural material with large water content, and its combustion value varies with the change of the type and moisture content of the wood. In the moisture content of each increase of one percent, about a calorific value decreased by one percent. Tar produced by wet wood combustion.

Compared to the same weight of firewood and sawdust pellets, firewood has a larger volume than wood particles.Therefore, wood pellets in the transport and storage process is more convenient than firewood.And with the uniform size and no extra processing,it will save more time and labor on the use of wood pellets.

In particular, we can analyze the wood pellet fuel more practical in these two aspects.

One,use the wood pellet more healthy.The particles produced by gas and fine wood can damage people's eye health and respiratory system, where they can cause burning eyes, runny nose, and bronchitis and other diseases. However, the modern wood pellet stove smoke is more than the open hearth or stove because of its good burning performance.   

Two,use the wood pellet more economic.Wood may be cheaper than the same amount of wood particles, but there is no big difference of the cost of the same amount of heat release for using wood and wood pellet.
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