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The Latest Wood Pellet Cooling Machine With High Capacity

Wood pellet cooling machine is also called counter flow grain cooling machine,is a professional pellet cooling equipment.  

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The wood pellet cooling machine description:
The wood pellet cooling machine is a new generation of cooling equipment which is developed by Longer Machinery company.The research and development use the world's most advanced pellet feed cooling technology and years of cooling experience summary. Wood pellet cooling machine is mainly used for high temperature granular feed granulation after cooling. The wood pellet cooling machine has the advantages of good cooling effect, high automation degree, low noise, simple operation and less maintenance.Is mainly used in foreign countries and high wood pellet cooling equipment.

The wood pellet cooling machine equipment characteristics:
Wood pellet cooling machine has a unique mechanism of cooling, the reverse movement of cooling wind and high temperature and high humidity materials, so that the material from top to bottom gradually cooled, avoiding the surface cracking of material caused by the vertical cooler of quench water and heat, heart defects difficult to distribute, etc.The cooling effect is better than that of the existing domestic similar products. The temperature of the material flow type grain cooling machine after cooling is not higher than the outside temperature +5, the precipitation rate of not less than 3.8% of the production of pellet feed quality, prolong the storage time of pellet feed, improve economic efficiency has played a good role. Wood pellet cooling machine adopts the spool vibration type unique layout, stable operation and smooth discharging. 


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