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Cylinder Screening Machine

Features: 1.meshisnoteasytobejammed 2smoothoperation,lownoise,simplestructure,convenientmaintenance. 4.Sievetubecanbeclosed,easilyforcollectingdust. 5.Thewholemachinehashighreliability,one-timeinvestmentisless 6.Adoptsspecialmesh,highscreen

Model: 1 set Capacity: Function: Brand: LFM Support Customization: Yes
This machine can screen three kinds of sizes fertilizer pellets, the middle discharging mouth is for the size of fertilizer pellet you want, and the bigger or smaller pellet will be discharged from the other two mouths in the two ends of this machine, it is the neccesary equipment in making fertilizer pellets.
1.mesh is not easy to be jammed;
2 smooth operation, low noise,simple structure, convenient maintenance;
4.Sieve tube can be closed, easily for collecting dust;
5.The whole machine has high reliability, one-time investment is less;
6.Adopts special mesh, high screening efficiency, long service life.
Scope of application:
1.Used for sizing stones In the quarry, and Isolating soil and stone powder;
2.Used for separating with gravel in quarry;
3.Used for separating lump coal and pulverizing coal and coal washing(Part of the coal washing machine) in mining industry;
4.The chemical industry, mineral processing industry for sizing block classification and separating powder materials.
Technical Data
Model Power(kw) Output(m³/h) Size(Dia.*Len.mm)
LG-CS1 3  
LG-CS3 4 1-3  1000×3000
LG-CS5 4 3-5  1000×4000
LG-CS10 5.5 5-10  1200×4000
LG-CS20 7.5 10-20 1500×5000
LG-CS30 7.5 20-30 1800×6000
LG-CS35 11 30-35 2000×8000

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