Edge Runner Mill

MOQ:1 set Set/Sets
Brand:Longer Machinery
Warranty Time:12 Months
Supply AbilitySupply Ability:100 sets/month
PortPort:Qingdao Port|Tianjin Port

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Product Details

Features of :

According to the rotation of runner wheel, Edge Runner Mill could be divided into two types,wheel-rotating wheel mill and dish-rotating wheel mill.
The pan of Wheel-rotating wheel mill is fixed,and the two runner wheels revolve around the spindle on the pan.At the same time,the runner wheels rotate around their own horizontal axis under the effect of friction material.This wheel mill can produce a lot of centrifugal force at work,especially when the two runner wheel unbalance it is more serious.Therefore the application is restricted.
Dish-rotating wheel mill make the runner wheels themselves rotate around their own horizontal axis while not revolve around the spindle.So this machine can work smoothly and no impact on the low power consumption, low vibration and can be widely used.
According to different technology use, Edge runner mill can be divided into edge runner wet mill, edge runner dry and half-dry mill,crushing and mixing edge runner mill.it is one equipment of organic fertilizer production equipment
For those more fluffy, no adhesive force, high fineness materials,It will be hard to make particles.So we need to use Edge Runner Mill mixing and rolling the materials time after time to improve their tightness.Then we can make particles easily with pelletizer.

Technical Data of :

Model Power  Maximum capacity  Dimension
LG-1500 7.5KW 2-3m³/h ¢1500×1200mm
This edge runner mill have two kinds:without chain bucket and with a chain bucket.

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