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Hammer Mill With Wheels


Model: 1 Capacity: Function: Brand: LFM Support Customization: Yes
This Machine mainly used for milling organic fertilizer,compound fertilizer,straw,grass,and tree branch(less than 3cm in length) and other soft material.Raw material enter into the machine directly,and after milling,Conforming products go through the screen and fall into the conveyor and carry away.
It is widely used in the professions such as fodder factory,cultivation factory,organic fertilizer factory,chinese medicine,chemical industry and so on.Also Mainly used in food, chemical, pharmaceutical, landscaping, sanitation etc material crushing processing.
The machine has the following advantages:
a. A variety of raw materials can be crushed. Wood chips, wood shavings, bark, rice husk stalks, weeks, other crop straw and wood waste; Cereals like corn, soybean, sorghum, barley, rice, maize etc.
b. It is widely used in the processions such as flour mills, fodder factory, cultivation factory, organic fertilizer factory and so on.
c.This machine with cart,so that it can be moved very easy.
Question:What are the payment methods?
 Answer:Western union,T/T,LC are accepted.
Technical Data
Name Model Power Capacity Dimension
Hammer Mill with wheel 500 11+3KW 1-2m³ 3000*1100*1800mm

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