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Fine Grinder

.Usewidecrushingchamber,makehammer,sieveplatelifehavegreatlyimproved,especiallyinsmalldiameterscreenplatelifeparticularlyascension. .Innovativedesign,rotorassembly,rotorrunningmoresmoothly,canstillrunsmoothlyafterwear,evenifthehammercrushin

Model: 1 set Capacity: Function: Brand: LFM Support Customization: Yes
This machine is designed for milling or grindering grains or other meterial you need to make chicken feed pellet, fish feed pellet or other poultry feed pellet and animal feed pellet, it is the latest grinder in feed pellet market.
. Use wide crushing chamber, make hammer, sieve plate life have greatly improved, especially in small diameter screen plate life particularly ascension.
. Innovative design, rotor assembly, rotor running more smoothly, can still run smoothly after wear, even if the hammer crushing chamber temperature id lower.
. Humanized design, host as a whole, easy to control, noise is low;
. Crushing chamber, reasonable design, higher sieving machine material rate;
. Pressure screen, institutional improvement, disassembling sieve plate is more convenient, safer and more reliable:
. Easy to achieve both coarse and fine crushing function, improve the crushing efficiency.  
Technical Data
Model LG-SFSP56*36  LG-SFSP56*40 LG-SFSP66*60   LG-SFSP66*80  LG-SFSP66*100
Power(kw) 22 37 55/75 90/110 132/160
Rotor Diameter(mm) 560 560 660 660 660
Spindle speed(r/min) 2980 2980 2980 2980 2980
Mesh size(mm) 3.0 3.0 3.0 3.0 3.0
Output(t/h) 3-5 5-8 9-16 12-22 18-28

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