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Automatic Bag Closer Sewing Machine

Release Lime: 2017-06-01 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
Automatic bag closer sewing machine  can achieve the use of photoelectric control bag, folding, seam integration, greatly improve the packaging fastness, and effectively prevent the bulk bag, packet leakage phenomenon, is widely used in food, sugar, chemicals, ports And other sectors of bulk materials used in the crimping of the package.

This automatic sewing machine, photoelectric control automatically start and stop sewing, automatic cut line identification. Sewing machine in the support column on the position can be free to adjust the range of 300-1000mm, fully meet the different height of the bagging requirements of the bag.

Conveyor can choose to move or fixed. Mobile conveyor convenient equipment in the workshop moving position, suitable for sewing in different locations; fixed conveyor belt height adjustable from the ground, increasing the range of sewing, but also suitable for the ground is not smooth enough workshop operations. Customers can also according to their own needs, build a different length of the conveyor.

Bag Height                         :  300-1000mm,can be adjust by the demand.
Power  sewing machine : 0.37 KW, folding machine 0.15 KW, conveyor 0.55 K W
Packing range                   :2.5-50kg
Voltage                                :  380 v / 50 hz
Transmission speed       :5-15m / min 300-600 bags / hour
Conveyor length                :3m, can be customized according to the production
Air pressure                       : 0.6 MP
Dimension                         :1190*900*2170mm