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Almond Craking And Shelling Machine Manufacturer

Release Lime: 2017-06-13 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
Almond cracking and shelling machine specialist use for broken the difficult shell ,such as almond,apricot,hazelnut.we can change the distance among the rollers of this machine ,then can process broken the different size shell of the nuts .Mainly because the size with the shell is distinctive, so it can be better to broken the massive size ,then broken the smaller sized size .The almond seeds can not be injured following processing.
1.The almond sheller is appropriate for cleaning, shelling, sorting almond,also can utilised for shelling walnut , high efficiency, big output, high degree of automation, production atmosphere clean, is a expert device of decision of almond and walnut plants.
2.By means of the hoister feeding,1,2,3 level grade broken,each and every grade is produced up of discharging-sieve and vibrosieve,can strip three level grade various specifications of your apricot, walnut challenging shell in the very same time.

The shelling rate of the almond craking and shelling machine can be up to 98%. that is a great working efficiency, especially in the commercial almond process industrial. about the almond cracking and shelling machine, if you need more infromation, you can contact us freely. we will feedback as soon as possible with 24 hours.

This is almond cracking and shelling machine work video youtube :