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How to Shell MuskMelon Seeds ?

Release Lime: 2017-12-29 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
For the commercial usage,melon seeds shelling machine is a best choice to shell melon seeds.The melon seeds shelling machine also can shell the sunflower seeds,muskmelon seeds,pumpkin seeds and others with high efficiency.

The shelling machine consists of rack, fan, rotor, single-phase motor, screen (with two sizes), hopper, shaker, triangular pulley and its transmission belt. After the normal operation of the machine, the melon seeds quantitative, uniform, continuous into the hopper, melon seeds in the repeated blow of the rotor, friction Sassafras, under the action of collision, melon seeds and broken melon shell in the rotor of the rotating wind pressure and blow, Through a certain aperture of the screen (peanut first threshing with large holes in the screen, after the selection of small fruit into a small hole screen for the second release) filter, separation. Melon seeds shell, the role of the rotating fan in the rotating force, so that the light weight of the melon shells out of the body, the heavier weight of peanuts through the shaker screening to achieve the purpose of cleaning.
The shelling machine features are:how to shell melon seeds with high efficiency
① using wet hulling
② through the original shelling machine improvements, so that the higher efficiency of the shell and nuts broken rate is lower.
③ application of the cycle of shelling, that is, no shelling seeds automatically into the next shelling cycle;
④ in the collection of leather processing, the use of vibration negative pressure sorting instead of blowing way, reducing the dust generation.
⑤ increase the sorting sieve and screening area, so that can be fully sieved, to reduce the kernel back to the shell caused by crushing,
⑥ can be replaced by screening sieve section, processing different specifications of white melon seeds.
⑦ compact structure, low loss, easy operation and maintenance
Improved shelling machine used to improve the husking effect sieve selection of high quality cold rolled steel plate made of, durable. The following elastic ball design reduces the paste hole phenomenon. Lengthened, widened sorting screen so that nuts are sorted more thoroughly. The use of vibrating negative pressure sorting machines and screw unloaders facilitates the collection of leather and reduces the generation of dust. The vibration source of the whole set of equipment adopts the form of vibration motor, the equipment is easy to install, and the foundation is not needed quickly.
Clean the grading unit can pumpkin seeds, horned melon seeds, watermelon seeds, melon seeds, melon seeds, hanging melon seeds and gourd seeds to clean up, remove all kinds of impurities, and then the seeds by size divided into seven levels to carry out Shelling.
The melon seeds shelling unit can be divided into pumpkin seeds, horny melon seeds, watermelon seeds, melon seeds, melon seeds, hanging melon seeds and gourd seeds,respectively, for shelling, skin removal, sorting, one of which is not off Of the grain can be automatically returned to the shelling machine to re-shell, until the release date. As a result of the first classification after the shelling, so the shelling sorting effect is very good, high efficiency.