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How to Extend the Life of Peanut Shelling Machine?

Release Lime: 2017-07-20 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
Peanut shelling machine attention to the daily use of methods, you can get a better use of the results, we need to comply with the following requirements:
1. Before use, you should first check whether the fastening of the fasteners, rotating part of the flexible, whether the bearing lubricating oil. The shelling machine should be placed on a smooth ground.
2. After the motor is started, the direction of the rotor should be the same as the direction indicated on the machine. First idle for a few minutes to observe whether the abnormal sound, normal operation, before feeding evenly peanuts.
3. Peanut fruit fed to even, moderate, can not contain iron, stones and other debris, to prevent broken peanuts and caused mechanical failure. When the peanuts covered with full sieve surface, can open the rice switch.
4. Select the appropriate screen according to the size of peanuts.
5. peanuts within the peanut shells increased, the motor can be moved down to tension the fan belt, increase the amount of hair.
6. Operation, people do not stand on the side of the belt drive to avoid injury.
7. Use a period of time, ready to store the machine, it should be the appearance of dust, dirt and residual grains and other debris removed from the clean, the belt removed separately custody. Diesel oil will be part of the bearings clean, dry and then coated with butter. The machine should be covered in the dry warehouse, to avoid sun and rain.
8. Ensure that the transmission parts and bearings have sufficient oil and regularly cleaned and replaced.
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