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How to Choose a Good Fish Pellet Machine ?

Release Lime: 2017-07-21 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
In recent years, with the rapid economic development.Fish pellet machine equipment also followed, the fish feed pellet machine is to get everyone's sought after.Then we faced with a problem, that is, how to choose the Fish Pellet Machine.We will analyze the three methods of selecting fish feed pellet machine.

One: appearance quality.
Fish feed pellet machine surface of the paint should be uniform and solid, can not have leakage paint, sagging and falling off. Chrome plating should be firm, polished surface, no shedding and rust. Stainless steel should be smooth surface, no bumps and should be processed with neat polished pattern.

Two: assembly fastening situation
In addition to checking the tightening of the body and the chassis, the motor (or diesel engine) and the chassis, the flat mode pellet feed machine mainly checks the assembling quality of the locking nut and the particle cutter, Whether the fastening bolts of the template are tightened. And check the fastening of the roller and the press roller. The same time as

Three: mold and pressure roller gap between the adjustment.
Between the pressure wheel and the ring mold wall between the two layers of paper, a little hard to pull out. After adjustment must be tightened in time to adjust the nut, fitted with a shield. To confirm the shield and ring mold after no foreign body, the hand ring by rotating the ring, then driven by the spindle should be rotating light, no stuck phenomenon and rubbing the sound.