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How to Operate Single-drum Flavoring Line

Release Lime: 2017-07-24 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
Our the Single-drum Flavoring Line consists of bracket, drum, drum drive system, dusting system, dust transmission system, power distribution board and other major components.
Operate Single-drum Flavoring Line Steps:
 (1) the equipment access to power, the device uses 220v power input, the output roller motor: 380v ,, dusting motor for the 220v
 (2) start the drum motor, the drum will slowly start to normal speed. Start dusting machine, dusting device began to work.
 (3) will need to stir the seasoning of raw materials, from the feed end with a conveyor or artificial slow, continuous feeding of raw materials into the seasoning machine
 (4) open the dusting motor, so that the spices evenly sprayed in the drum;
 (5) check the operation of the parts, to determine the normal operation can work.
 (6) the speed is too high, you can rotate the inverter knob to the left, the speed can be slow, can not be less than 70%
 (7) the material in the drum forward movement too fast, can reduce the roller slope, too slow to raise the roller slope.
Working principle
 Material into the drum, driven by the stirring leaves up, from the top of the fall, mixed with the seasoning powder, the work process, the powder box has always been to keep the seasoning and found that seasoning should be added in time.
Seasoning machine installation should pay attention to the following points:
 1, the installation of the feet must be adjusted around to ensure a smooth machine.
2, the machine's screws must be connected to fastening.
3, equipment, use, to adjust the drum speed, moderate speed, the inverter knob can not be adjusted.
4, debugging frequency converter should be the slowest slow acceleration, is strictly prohibited to speed up.