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Longer Provide Professional Toothpick Making Machine

Release Lime: 2017-08-07 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
Toothpick making machine is used to make toothpick, with large production and high quality.
We zhengzhou Longer always provide our customers with high quality and best price, also provide professional training and perfect after-sale service.
(1) Product process: the original bamboo - take the material saw off - cut bamboo - cut open pieces of fixed width into a wire - bleach - drying - cut off - polished - pick up to the residual sign - sharpening - picking To the sub-sign - packaging - storage (factory).
(2) machine introduction, with bamboo production, 8-hour production of 400,000, about dry bamboo stick 200 ~ 500 kg. Need to operate the workers 4 to 6, men and women are not limited. Power using 380V industrial electricity, the normal production of electricity consumption per hour about 11 degrees. Such as the increase in the No. 1 machine 1, the output increased by 400,000.

(3)usually every 100 kilograms of fresh (wet) bamboo, can produce Φ3.0 ~ Φ2.5, length 300 ~ 150mm between the different specifications of bamboo sticks 2 to 4 million, about dry finished products signed 20 ~ 35 kg.

A complete set of bamboo toothpick machine include 9 sets machine:
a: Raw bamboo sawing machine
b: Bamboo sharpening machine
c: Fixing width double sided trimmer
d: Drawing machine
e: Bamboo filament set-size machine
f: Polishing machine
g: Toothpick set-size machine
h:Toothpick sharpener
i:Multifunctional blade sharpener