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Melon Seeds Shelling Machine More Detail Information

Release Lime: 2017-08-10 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
The melon seeds shelling machine is indispensable for the melon process business. Today i will talk more detail information about the melon seeds shelling machine, in order to melon seeds process business customer get more clear knowing for the machine.

The machine features are:
1: Through the improvement of the original shelling machine, so that the higher efficiency of shelling and nuts broken rate lower.
2: the application of circular shelling, that is, no shelling seeds automatically into the next shelling cycle;
3: in the collection of leather processing, the use of vibration negative pressure sorting instead of blowing method, reducing the dust generation.
4: increase the sorting of the sieve and screening area, so that Ren can be fully screened to reduce the return of the shell caused by the crushing machine,
5: can be replaced by screening sieve section, processing different specifications of white melon seeds.
6: compact structure, low loss, easy operation and maintenance
Equipment power: 8.19 kW (380 volts)
Whole kernel rate: ≥ 95% (the whole kernel of the following half of the broken kernel)
At the end of the machine, the grain content of the hair: ≤ 2%
Processing capacity: 200-300 kg / hour (varies by material)
Area: 6.5 m × 2.9 m
Installation height: 3.5 meters
Equipment weight: 2.5 tons