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How to Operate Hmep Seeds Shelling Machine

Release Lime: 2017-08-22 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
With the progress of technology, economic development, the purchase of hemp seeds shelling machine more and more users, but there are many customers because there is no real control of hemp seeds shelling machine the correct use of the method, resulting in its performance does not play out , Not only caused the quality of finished products, and the production and processing efficiency is very low, seriously affecting its economic and social benefits. Here are some successful experiences to promote the promotion of sunflower shelling equipment.
Operating methods and precautions
(1) before use, you should first check whether the fastening of the fasteners, rotating part of the flexible, whether the bearing grease, shelling unit is placed on a smooth ground.
(2) Before use, to check the power supply voltage switch must be in the open position.
(3) After the motor is started, the rotor should be turned in the same direction as the instrument. First idle for a few minutes to observe whether the abnormal sound, to confirm the normal operation, before the material production.
(4) sunflower kernel with skin increased, you can adjust the amount of air into the cyclone, increase the suction volume, in order to achieve the purpose of the skin exhausted.
(5) fine kernel with undisturbed grain exceeded, it should promptly adjust the vibration motor and the screen surface angle, improve the selection effect.
(6) production, people should be far away from the vibration motor, so as not to hurt.
(7) Equipment should always remove debris from its surface dirt and residual grains. To ensure that the selection of sunflower kernel effect. Equipment must be covered when not in good condition, placed in a dry warehouse, to avoid sun and rain.