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Multi-functional Powder Machine for Dry Chili

Release Lime: 2017-09-01 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
Our the multifunction powder grinding machine also can process dry chili powder. Chili powder is great useful in our daily life.For today, we will introduction of the dry chili powder machine.

High efficiency with lower power consumption can grind the chili material into 30 meshes to 80 meshes.Chili powder grinder machine is special design for chili powder grinding and peppers powder grinding.  chili powder grinder machine is equipped with four rollers instead of two rollers. This design makes our chili powder high efficient and low power cost, its output is 2 times more than other general mill machine.

Special design round sieve: chili power grinder round sieve is built in the main body, which is two times longer than normal sieve. So, chili powder grinder round sieve can avoid the block problem during runing.
dry spicy chili powder machine for sale priceReasonable design: chili powder grinder round sieve is equipped on sieve frame. It is very easy for customer change the sieve to get different mesh chili powder.
Full automatic: chili powder grinder has high degree automation with low running cost. This design will help factory to save a lot of labor cost.
Adjustable roller gap:chili powder grinder two pairs roller can be adjusted according to customer DETA. this make sure the output of the full chili powder production line.