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Automatic Melon Seeds Shelling Machine

Release Lime: 2017-09-07 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
The melon seeds shelling machine is used for grading pine nut, and then separating shell and kernel. The pine nuts with shell will be returned to the machine again automatically for second shelling.

The whole equipment includes two parts: Grading equipment and Shelling equipment, it mainly consists of feed-in hopper, bucket elevator, huller, host screen separation section and electric control cabinet.

The melon seed shelling machine consists of frame, fan, rotor, motor, shelling screen, two kinds of hopper, shaking sieve, belt whell etc. When working, you should feed the melon seeds continuously,the melon seeds will across the friction to crush the peanut shell. The fan will flow the broken peanut shell out, the melon seeds will push sieve through certain at this time.It is professional equipment for the peanut dehulling. Simple structure, convenient operation, low power consumption, noise and so on.