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Use Lubricating Oil For Pellet Mill Correctly

Release Lime: 2015-04-23 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
Pellet machine is able to process the raw material into various pellets to make profits in widely range of usage. The process of pelletizing is the process of wearing and consumption of pellet mill. Therefor it is essential to maintain and lubricate, and recognizing the commonsensible knowledge is also necessary.

Necessary of Lubrication for Pellet Machine

The purpose of lubricating pellet machine is to ensure the pelletizing process can work in order, reduce the physical wear of pellet machines to extent the service life and change interval of components of pellet machines, and low the rate of fault and casualty to increase the productivity and economical benefits for the pellet machine factory and trader.

Commonsensible Knowledge of Using Lubricating Oil

It does not mean that lubricating more oil is better for pellet machine.

A device has been strictly ruled the appropriate quantity of lubricating oil, when it is designed. So the operator should lubricate oil according to the pellet machine’s instruction, the common observed oil indicator and the endoscopy, etc. If you lubricate much more oil, on the contrary it must result in worse effectiveness.

Not any lubricating oil is suitable for pellet machine use.

When the pellet equipment is engineered, the appropriate lubricating category quantity is regulated in accordance with the mechanism of the machine, it’s not suitable for all categories of lubricating oil. Sometimes, in order to get more lubricating effectiveness in different working condition, we may add some additives into the lubricating oil, different additives for different lubricating effectiveness. Thus, we should choose suitable additives for better lubricating effectiveness.

Remember: the waste lubricating oil does not utilize directly.

The waste lubricating oil replaced from the pellet machine is used only after separating oil from the water. But you must keep it in mind that the waste oil can not be utilized directly, or else, the Pellet mill will be damaged.

From the above description, the lubricating oil use is rather important for any pellet machine and aided machine. Only you lubricate oil appropriately, you can get the better and larger productivity. And then you can gain the maximum profits with the smallest invest cost.