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Factors Influencing the Water Stability of Aquafeed

Release Lime: 2015-05-12 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
Factors Influencing the Water Stability of Aquafee

One of the most important quality parameters of aquafeed is the water stability. It means after a certain time immersion in water, the composition of aquafeed will not be dissolved or lost. Generally, it is measured through the ratio between the lost weight in unit time and initial feed weight. It is required that the lost percentage of aquafeed should be less than 20% (immersion in water for 30mins). If the aquafeed has poor water stability, it will be dissolved, swelling and dispersed easily, which reduces the utilization rate of aquafeed and seriously affects the economic benefit of aquaculture. Therefore, water stability is an important indicator to measure the aquafeed quality. Four main factors affect the quality of aquafeed

1. Adhesiveness
Binder is the additive that used in aquafeed making. It is also the key material to determine the water stability of aquafeed. During the process of feed pellet production, adding appropriate additive is helpful to increase the water stability of aquafeed. In addition to the nature, adhesive strength of binder also relates to feed pellet types and processing method.

2. Crushing Granularity
The fineness of crushing has a tremendous influence on water stability of fish feed pellet.The oversize fineness decreases corresponding superficial area, which leads to the starch on the surface can not be gelatinized totally when conditioning and it affects the cohesive action. The feed pellet is dispersed easily when soaking.

The key to shape feed pellet lies in the conditioning. The steam with high temperature and pressure acts on the feed pellet, which makes the starch gelatinized, protein denatured and increases the cohesiveness and plasticity of feed pellet. Besides, it ensures the close structure, appropriate hardness and good water stability. To achieve the conditioning effectiveness, mastering the tempering time and temperature, selecting the saturated vapor, keeping stable constant pressure are necessary.

4. Ring die compression ratio is the ratio between the length and diameter of die holes, which also influences water stability of fish feed pellet. If the feed pellet mill has the ring die with larger ratio, the feed pellets produced by it will have the feature of better hardness, closer structure and longer water resistant time. The normal ring die compression ratio is 14-17, while for shrimp feed pellet, the ratio is 17-20.

If you intend to make feed pellets for the aquatic animals, it is better to take the above influencing factors into consideration. I hope you can benefit from it.