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How Much Do You Know about Wood Pellet Machines in China?

Release Lime: 2015-08-20 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
The problem of ecological environment is gaining more and more attention these years. The consciousness of recycling resources has been greatly activated among human beings around the world. Among all the resources , wood takes a great percentage. So what people do with all the wood by-products like sawdust? Next I would like to introduce the three main types of wood pellet machines in China.
The biggest type is Ring Die Pellet Machine,which is mainly in southern China and now has been gradually developing into Asian largest Feed Pellet Machine base---Jiangsu Province. There are  many suppliers of Ring Die Pellet Machines in that area.
The second type is Flat Die Pellet Machines, mainly in northern part of China,such as Shandong Provience and Henan Provience. Flat Die Pellet Machine has the longest history and simplest structure, which guaranteed it’s wide use range. When the output requirement is so small that only Flat Die Pellet Machines can satisfy the specific need. Besides, Flat Die Pellet Machines have the advantages of low cost and low output, they are also enjoying an increasing popularity in the field of family use. 
The last type is the Efficient Pellet Machines,mainly in Shandong Province. Compared with the former two types, the Efficient Pellet Machine is young and fast-growing . It uses ring die, but also adopts the structure of flat die. The technology was imported into China in the year of 2006 by an foreign dealer, and it has been blooming all these years.
The above three types of machines have both similarities and differences. So when you are conducting purchase, don’t forget to consult about the details of machines.