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How are Toothpicks Manufactured?

Release Lime: 2015-11-23 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider

The Histoty of Toothpicks:
Toothpicks are well known in all cultures. As an important tool for oral hygiene, it has more than 2000 years of history. Because of its small size, usually made of wood or bamboo material, and can easily be reduced to ashes, it's low status, there is very little evidence left on toothpick invention in the history. Before the toothbrush was invented, teeth were cleaned with hard and soft dental woods. Toothpicks made of bronze have been found as burial objects in prehistoric graves in Northern Italy and in the East Alps. The use of toothpicks was also well known in Mesopotamia.

How to Make Toothpicks:

The process of making a toothpick begins with birch logs. The first toothpick-manufacturing machine was developed in 1869, by Marc Signorello. Another was patented in 1872, by Silas Noble and J. P. Cooley
With the development of technology, we have opdated the whole processing line for making toothpicks. 
1. The above products with original bamboo - picking sawing - cutting bamboo stick - section open piece of fixed width into silk, bleaching, drying, cutting off - length - polishing - neat - remove the defect to sign - nib - remove the defect sign, packaging, warehousing (factory).
2. The above 10 sets, production head pointed toothpicks, 8 hours production in 600000, about 80 kilograms. Need machinery operators 5 ~ 7,there is no limit.
Industrial electric power with 380v, the normal production of the actual power consumption per hour around 12 degrees. Add 4, 9 machines, production in 3 million.
3. Every 100 kilograms of fresh bamboo (wet), usually can produce diameter 2.0 140000 x 65 mm specifications of toothpick, about dry finished toothpicks 18 kg.
4. All these machines are applied for national patent.
1. All production line need 5-7 workers.
2. The capacity is 600000 pcs/8 hours.Diameter 2.2mm and the length 65mm with two sharpened ends.We also can match the machine according to clients need,such as if users need to produce a head of a carved bamboo toothpicks, to replace 9 machine with LG - 641 sharpening machine, 10 sets / 8 hours production in 500000, increased 5 LG - 641 machines, production of 3 million.
We provide Bamboo Toothpick Processing Machine and Wooden Toothpick Processing Machine at the same time to maximize meet customers needs.