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How to Make Barbecue Sticks| Barbecue Skewers?

Release Lime: 2015-12-01 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider

Barbecue has now become a favorite food of all peoples, in addition to the common barbecue meat outside, foreign countries also have a barbecue vegetables, potatoes, etc.
Grill sign is an essential accessory
Barbecue sign can be made of iron, bamboo and wood, etc; as people's awareness of environmental protection, use of renewable bamboo is increasingly common sign making barbecue
For the production of bamboo bamboo barbecue signed have signed, single bamboo and other bamboo species, bamboo barbecue sign (English bamboo barbecue skewer bamboo bbq sticks), generally circular, square, flat, etc., a sharpened
Our country is the largest producer of bamboo, some other Southeast Asian countries are also produced.
BBQ Stick Machine can process the fresh bamboo into the bamboo toothpics, bamboo sticks and so on in different sizes or shapes according to the real requirement. The complete line consists of 6-8 machines, some of them are optional according to your actual situation. You also can make one-end-sharp and two-end-sharp selectable. The capacity of the toothpick machine is 600000-800000 pieces every 8 hours by 4-6 labors.
Working Flow:
Bamboo dissection machine---Combined flakers---Bamboo filament shaping machine---Bamboo filament set-size machine---toothpick set-size machine---Polishing machine---toothpick finishing machinery---Tooth pick mincing machine---Multi-sharpen machine