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Before You Buy Toothpicks Making Machine

Release Lime: 2015-12-08 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider

Toothpicks are most often made of wood or bamboo but can also be found in plastic and, in some cultures, metal and bone. Do you really know the types of toothpicks?
Toothpicks seem to have two primary purposes: helping to remove food lodged between teeth, and politely stabbing olives, chunks of cheese or other small food items at social gatherings. There are, of course, other more imaginative uses for the common toothpick, such as craft projects like building model bridges, or as temporary tools for applying glue and cleaning small, hard-to-reach areas. There are nearly as many uses for toothpicks as their are types of toothpicks.
The types of toothpicks:
1. Based on the raw material,toothpicks can be divided into bamboo toothpicks and wooden toothpicks.
2. In accordance with the size, toothpick diameter can be made 1.40-2.20mm.
3. According to the shape, the finished toothpicks can be divided into single-sharp or double-sharp.
4. Press the part of use of bamboo, the second floor is divided into a layer toothpick.
Before Buying Toothpick Making Machine,better take some time to consider:

1. What is your raw material ? Bamboo or Wood? 
2. For finished toothpick, do you need it to be single-sharp or double-sharp?
3. How about the detailed size of finished toothpick ? how many millimeters of its length and diameter? 
4. For capacity, pls let me know, how many pieces of toothpick do you want to process per hour? how many working hours per day in your factory?