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The Basic Structure of Biomass Pellet Machine

Release Lime: 2016-01-08 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider

Biomass pellet machine, using the pressure roller and disc extrusion technology, biomass feedstocks under high pressure from the extrusion orifice disc into a diameter of 6-10mm, 30-50mm long particles instead of coal for combustion.
The Basic Structure of Biomass Pellet Machine: 
1.Body: Biomass pellet machine body is an independent rectangular cylinder, closed its bearing on the device to connect with powder hopper, powder hopper toward the outside of the body, under the chassis is equipped with a V-shaped, with a wide and flat ground.
2. Particle manufacturing equipment: rotary drum set lying below the powder hopper, front and rear bearing supports, drive it through the rack for rotary inverted front end face of the bearing cap is movable assembly and disassembly, as long as spin under a wing nut, bearing cap and rotating drum to be pulled out, the system is placed at both ends of the drum has a convex side ring embedded bearing interior, this may make the oil into powder adhesion promoter and will not be clogged.
3.Gear box: The worm gear ratio to 1:12, oil storage tank can ensure good gear lubrication and no noise, there are mirrors can be observed on the box , observe the movement and storage capacity, the outer end of the worm , with an eccentric shaft , driven to reciprocate the rack.
4.Screen Pinch: device rotating drum lined with steel pipe manufacturing, there is a long open slot in the middle, both ends of the mesh into the trench, flower-shaped hand wheel will turn the screen on the outer package rotating drum, the hand wheel gear shore, tightness can be adjusted.
5.The motor frame: a bolt and screw firmly, the motor is mounted on the plate, when the rotation of the screw bolt, the motor up and down movement for adjusting the belt.
Biomass pellet machines manufactured by Longer Machinery are with advanced once forming technology. It has the advantage of less investment, easy to operate and to maintain,with the high pellet forming rate and so on. Clients also can according to demand to choose different aperture to produce particles of different sizes,also depend on the material to choose different compression ratios of the mold plate, to produce livestock for different particles.