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Introduction of Coconut Oil Processing

Release Lime: 2016-01-07 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
The main nutrients of different periods of coconut are very various, because the relationship between maturity and moisture content.
Moisture Content is a unique component of coconut processing, in general, water accounted for 95.5 percent of coconut water, a nitrogen content of 0.05%, 0.56% phosphoric acid, 6.6% potassium, 0.69% calcium oxide, 0.69% magnesium oxide, iron 0.5mg / 100g, 4.7% total solids, sugar 0.8mg / 100g, 2.08% of total sugar, ash 0.62mg / 100g.
If mature coconut fruit has not been picked timely, it will stay in the trees sprout, loss of nutrients, especially copra (meat) quality will rancidity occur, increasing free fatty acids, and ultimately affect the quality of coconut processed products. Therefore, until the need for manual picking ripe coconuts. Mature coconut copra made good color, brittle and good storage properties. With ripe fruit made of coconut copra processing of coconut oil colorless, with coconut flavor.
For immature coconut, need to be stored for some time after the harvest, in order to reduce the moisture, increasing the oil content, it is conducive to off Coir, Coir stripping and improve the quality of copra.
Mainly concentrated in nutrients coconut coconut kernels, copra preparation requires removal of coconut (outer) clothing. There are two kinds of manual and mechanical removal methods Coir. Decentralized and small-scale coconut fruit off Coir often using artificial methods, methods of operation is up to a sharp tip, the lower knife fixed to the floor, holding a coconut from the top down toward the blade inserted to go back and forth to reverse a few, you can take off Coir. Then, and then chopper (ax) carefully split coconut shell, coconut meat is exposed. The method can also be applied mechanically off Coir, broken coconut shells emerged coconut meat.
Coconut shell fragments with fresh dried coconut meat needs to make coconut meat removed from the coconut shell contraction. There dryer (room) and sun drying methods such as drying methods.
Free fatty acid content of the crude coconut oil higher than the average oil some of the provisions of the most senior American business coconut oil can not be higher than 3% free fatty acids, free fatty acid content of most crude coconut oil in more than 5%. Press during production of crude oil the free fatty acid was 3.8%, although higher crude coconut oil in free fatty acids, but not saturated coconut oil less, it is not easy to rancidity. In addition, crude coconut oil melting point of 19 ~ 22 ° C, it is generally at room temperature coconut oil will be solidified, which brought trouble to the storage and transport of coconut oil. Thus, setting the heating device in the finished product tanks to prevent solidification not put coconut oil, while filtering the oil sump heating device is also installed. But it should be noted that, in order to prevent local temperature is too high and generate churn phenomenon, we must control the heating temperature. The clarified coconut oil through the filter device, it is best to give a crude coconut oil.

Automatic Screw Oil Press Machine manufactured by Longer Machinery can be used to make coconut oil using dried coconut as raw material. This oil press machine is suitable for various materials. The oil ratio is over 8%, moisture content less than 10% is the most essential measure of raw material.