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Mosquito-repellent Incense Automatic Product Line

Release Lime: 2016-01-16 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider

The active ingredient is now mostly mosquito pyrethroid insecticides, mosquito coils either, mosquito coils, mosquito coils, which contain pesticides, the difference lies in the different types of product manufacturers of pesticides may vary.
In theory, as long as the concentration of pesticides reaches a certain value, the contact with a certain time, the mosquitoes will be killed. However, in practice, little room is a confined space, the air is not high concentrations of pesticides, insect repellent effect predominant factor. In addition, it is now for health concerns increasing, mosquito coils when the registration requirements of the product can not be too high, so the effect of killing mosquito repellent to be less than the role, after all, as long as the mosquitoes do not come do not bite us, our aim It is reached. But according to the national standards, mosquito testing in confined conditions can kill mosquitoes.
Mosquito-repellent Incense Automatic Product Line manuifactured by Zhengzhou Longer Machienry includes Vertical hydraulic luxurious incense machine, Mixing Machine, Incense Coil Forming Machine.The device is designed for all hydraulic equipment, photoelectric at the beginning of the use of PLC controlled automatic detection, structure simple, Operation and Maintenance Convenient and safe high performance, easy replacement of mold, cylinder working stroke is short, and is equipped with high-density foam panels, chain transfer Ping Stable, non-vibration, high efficiency, small footprint.