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How to Identify The Quality of Wooden Chopsticks

Release Lime: 2016-01-16 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider

In modern society, people increasingly fast pace of life, disposable chopsticks on the table an indispensable part of daily.
Redwood ‘s material, texture, color are affect the net worth of red chopsticks grade, a perfect work of art is the perfect combination of red chopsticks quality beauty and artistry of beauty. Therefore, identification of red chopsticks, identification of its materials is a major factor.
 Identification of red chopsticks material is a scientific sense. Although not much mahogany species, varieties of red chopsticks timber is countable by the usual several red chopsticks timber production mainly ebony, rosewood, ebony, wenge, rosewood, rosewood, in these materials in rosewood and wenge features more obvious, it is also easier to identify, but rosewood, rosewood, painted decoration after finished to correct the difference is not so easy. Knowledge of the properties of each wood material can correctly identify a variety of materials is to identify the basis and premise of red chopsticks.
 The difference between yellow rosewood and rosewood, the former clear wood, fine wood, hard texture, color and elegant, was brown or pale brown, Hainan reddish brown, dark brown and have beautiful ripples shaped markings; the latter wood coarse grain, texture straight, but most are not very clear, nor former hard wood. Thai-made pear brown, wood more delicate, color than the run, while Myanmar, Vietnam produced pear thicker, larger color; texture clear rosewood from Thailand, Myanmar rosewood texture big radiate black, wide.

Some poor processing of disposable chopsticks, retained there for "whitening" of hydrogen peroxide and failed.
Regular manufacturers of disposable chopsticks used raw materials are relatively good texture bamboo wood or fresh, processed through the formal process made by food-grade sulfur fumigation bleach, sulfur content is very low, usually no more than the national standard disposable chopsticks 600mg per kilogram of chopsticks. But some small workshops in order to reduce costs, the use of all low-grade wood, looks "color" on the even darker yellow.
To identify the quality of disposable chopsticks, one should check whether the manufacturer of printed names, trademarks and contact information on the package. Two chopsticks can smell the smell, if there are shares sour smell, it is best not to use. Of course, the best way is to use cold water to wash chopsticks surface, reducing residual chemicals.
Chopsticks Making Line manufactured by Zhengzhou Longer Machinery is used to make wood chopsticks from wood boards.The various types of available round timber , square timber sand small wood shall be process into the dryer square wood board length of 500mm , width of 60mm, thickness of 32-34mm.
 Production process: wood dissection machine →wood set-size machine→wood chopsticks shaping machine →chopsticks sharpen machine → polishing machine→knife sharpening machine→ chopsticks packing machine